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Parkview Fire Station 218
726 Midway Drive
Pittsburgh,PA 15215

Fire Fax:412-781-5299

Parkview EMS Station 180
200 South Margery Drive
Pittsburgh,PA 15238

EMS Fax:412-449-1081

Parkview Fire/EMS e-mail


Q:How do I reserve the Banquet Hall for my event?
A:Reservations are always recommended,do not settle for a verbal agreement anywhere. Please contact Tom Lewis at 412-781-1220 for hall availability and pricing.

Q:Where can I park at Parkview Banquet Hall Facility?
A:We have one parking lot on the premise directly along the side of the building,this is where you will find our handicap and all other parking spaces. We have enough spaces to accommodate up to approximately 325 guests in our paved parking lots.

Q:Can I bring my own caterer?
A:No,not at this time. Parkview works with three internal caterers who cater each event at the Parkview Banquet hall. We know what these caters can offer and can guarantee that you will have the finest service and food served at your event. Please click on our Rental Options link to get more information on our internal caterers.

Q:What is the dress code at Parkview?
A:We don’t have a dress code here. Our guests wear everything from blue jeans to suits. Use your best discretion based on the type of event you are attending.

Q:What happens during an emergency during our Rental event?
A:Parkview Banquet Facility is also a Firehall and Emergency Medical Center. We have fully trained EMT’s and paramedics who can immediately attend to your emergency. We are fully handicap equipped from the parking lot,sidewalks,doors and bathrooms.

Q:What type of events to you allow at your facility?
A:Parkview Banquet Facility caterers to all types of events from weddings to graduations. If you have a special party planned we will cater to your needs. Please give us a call.

Q:Do you provide and serve liquor?
A:We do not provide the liquor but we will serve what you bring to your event. Our professional bartenders will ensure your guest abide by the PA state drinking laws.

Q:How many people can you accommodate?
A:We can accommodate approximately 325 people comfortably. We have hosted events that range up to 400 for special occasions.

Q:Do you accept credit cards?
A:Not at this time but we are looking into this at this time.