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Parkview Fire Station 218
726 Midway Drive
Pittsburgh,PA 15215

Fire Fax:412-781-5299

Parkview EMS Station 180
200 South Margery Drive
Pittsburgh,PA 15238

EMS Fax:412-449-1081

Parkview Fire/EMS e-mail

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The Parkview Volunteer Fire Department is staffed by professionally trained and dedicated people who give up their free time to provide fire protection to the Township. The firefighters are 100% volunteer and not paid for the thousands of hours they spend each year in various tasks from fighting fires,to training and fire prevention,to maintaining their fire trucks.

The volunteers train continually in the areas of hazardous materials,rescue and fire fighting techniques. In addition to time spent responding to calls and training,many hours are spent maintaining the equipment so that it is always ready for the next call. Time is also spent cleaning and maintaining the two fire stations and conducting fire prevention programs and tours of the station.

On average,each one of the members spends approximately 10 to 15 hours per week performing various duties such as training,fire prevention,truck maintenance,record keeping and cleaning in addition to responding to emergency calls.

No matter your background,experience,or training,there is a role for you at Parkview Volunteer Fire Department.  We have individuals from all backgrounds who are dedicated to their community.

If you are interested in joining the Parkview Volunteer Fire Department,please fill out and submit an application.