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Parkview Fire Station 218
726 Midway Drive
Pittsburgh,PA 15215

Fire Fax:412-781-5299

Parkview EMS Station 180
200 South Margery Drive
Pittsburgh,PA 15238

EMS Fax:412-449-1081

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Emergency Medical Services


Parkview Emergency Medical Services has been providing high quality Emergency Medical Services to the community since 1949. Parkview EMS is a non-profit organization subsidized through third party billing to private insurance and Medicare. Because of recent cutbacks in federal funding,Parkview subsidizes this decrease in operating income from these insurance companies through fund drives and local events to maintain the necessary funds to continue strong EMS operations,we recommend to have a peek at these guys to learn more medical updates.


Parkview EMS Information:

  • The 200 Margery Drive Station is staffed 24/7 with career staff and supplemented by volunteer staff for second calls working in the district.
  • The station houses three ALS units and Squad 180.
  • Parkview VFD Midway Drive Station houses the fourth unit and is staffed by volunteers when additional unit is needed.
  • Parkview VFD/EMS offers the following classes on a regular basis:CPR,Con Ed. Contact the station for more information.

Parkview’s mission:

  • To deliver high quality Emergency Medical Services to the O’Hara Township and Blawnox Boro Communities and to Parkview’s Mutual Aid Partners.
  • Be ethical and responsible when planning and coordinating all Parkview EMS programs. These programs include some of the following items (scheduling,trip sheet management,Third Party billing,supply management,on-going Con-Ed training,equipment management and staffing)
  • To deliver a solid management plan which includes the best EMS healthcare and a sound EMS Financial plan by performing budgeting,planning and cost controls.
  • To train and supervise of all EMS paid and volunteer Personnel so they deliver the highest quality health care possible.
  • To provide “hands-on”support where appropriate as EMS Professionals to save and protect life as needed.

Parkview is very active in numerous EMS and fire organizations around the community and a member of the North East Ambulance Association (NEAA). We strive to be the best,we take life very seriously. Just know if we come to serve you that you will be in good hands.


Parkview EMS