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Parkview Fire Station 218
726 Midway Drive
Pittsburgh,PA 15215

Fire Fax:412-781-5299

Parkview EMS Station 180
200 South Margery Drive
Pittsburgh,PA 15238

EMS Fax:412-449-1081

Parkview Fire/EMS e-mail

Fire Department

The O’Hara Township Volunteer Firefighters proudly protect:

  • Approximately 9,000 people living in a residential area
  • Approximately 150 businesses,and
  • People in the commercial district of the township on a daily basis

O’Hara Towsnhip is served by two independent departments that protect all of our residential and commercial areas. The two departments that make up the O’Hara Township Fire District are:

Both stations are public departments whose members consist of volunteers.

As a Township we have an ISO rating of 5. On this Web site you will see content that is specifically displayed for the Parkview VFD Station.